Video Series


At, we bring you all kinds of tickling - Foot tickling upper body tickling, butt tickling and tickling all over. Guys tickling girls and girls tickling girls. Storyline tickling, situational tickling, game show tickling and tickling because um ... we love tickling.

But one area of tickling where we apply lots of focus is in creating tickling series. Our series fall into the following categories;

  • Storyline (episodic) - In these series, there are episodes in which the decisions the model(s) leads to tickling in various locations and in various bondage situations. An example of such an episodic series is the Darke Stalker, where by failing to lock their front door, they unwittingly the stalker in, who ties and tickles them to try to teach them to be more safety concious. 
  • Storyline (saga) - In the storyline saga series, there is an over arching story 
  • that unfolds over many episodes and involves many actors/models. Our best example of this is the sci-fi/fetish series Darke Forces. This story is set in a future, post-apocolyptic time in which most of huamnity is wiped out by war and very little of the Earth remains habitable. Two kingdoms remain (Shaeva and Baylor) ruled by two queens (Persephone [Sasha Foxxx] and Aralia [Catherine Foxx]).
  • Situational - Our situational series put various model in the same situation and see how their reactions to tickling differ. Some of our situational series include Don't Laugh, Hot Feet Off The Street, Don't Move, He Won't Let Me Sleep, Ticklish Conversation and Driving Her Crazy.

  • Games & Game Shows - Some of our more fun series are the games and game shows. Tickle Trivia is a game where the girl must answer trivia questions and is tickle-punished for wrong answers. In the series Tickle Channel Game Show, girls compete on a realistic game show set to see how well they can handle being tickled. 

We hope that you'll find our tickle video series as exciting as we and the tickle models do.

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